Shield your home, not your view

Exceeding the Australian standard by 10x, ClearShield’s stainless steel security screens provide optimum visibility allowing you to enjoy the view and breeze by leaving your doors and windows open without compromising security

ClearShield Stainless Steel Securoty
ClearShield Cyclonic Debris Screen

The only multiple design award winning security screen in Australia, ensuring Superior Performance

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Superior Security Screens for Your Home or Business

ClearShield gives a distinct advantage to homeowners with its sleek contemporary design that is unique to ClearShield ensuring that our security screens keep your home safe. With a smooth easy-to-clean surface that doesn’t impact on your views, ClearShield offers high security as well as an easy to clean surface for hinged or sliding doors, fixed window screens and emergency exit screens.

ClearShield security screens are manufactured around Australia and Internationally, In Australia alone ClearShield is available from over 50 ClearShield distributors!

Stay Protected With Stainless Steel Fire Attenuation Screens

ClearShield’s stainless steel fire attenuation screens have been designed for applications to satisfy the requirements of AS1530.4-2014. When tested, massive 65% Attenuation of heat in the worst possible conditions.

ClearShield’s Fire Attenuation Screens are an economical alternative to conventional drenching (sprinkler) systems, and they also offer a high level of security.

Award Winning Security Screen Design

ClearShield is the only multi-design award winning security screen system in Australia. With a string of prestigious awards, ClearShield is the brand that you can trust across NSW and Australia for high quality security screens that provide the ultimate protection. In 2013, ClearShield was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award for its Cyclone Debris screen product. In 2014, ClearShield was awarded the prestigious Good Design Selection Award for its security screen door and screen range. In 2015, ClearShield was recognised as an ABA100 Winner of the Australian Business Award for Product Innovation. ClearShield security screens are a trusted brand and a clear leader within their industry.

Nothing is more important than the air we breathe, so cleaning your security door and removing dirt and dust from the filters of your home is essential. ClearShield security screens offer a smooth perforated stainless-steel surface that is so easy to clean. The smooth easy wipe surface of ClearShield’s security doors, is unlike woven mesh and will save you time and effort in keeping your security window screens and doors looking and feeling new. Ask your nearest ClearShield distributor today about ClearShield’s Easy Care Product that will leave your ClearShield Security doors and screens looking like new every time

While most clear vision screen products consist of a stainless steel woven mesh type safety screen, ClearShield stands alone in being a patented Stainless Steel Perforated security screen product. It is this unique design that sets it apart from its competitors. The team at ClearShield Australia has also developed innovative patented systems relating to the security industry and leads the market in development and testing of its products.

ClearShield Home Security Sliding Doors, security doors, security screens and emergency exit screens have been tested to the following Australian Standards

  • Knife Shear Test (AS5039 – 2008)
  • Impact Test (AS5039 – 2008)
  • Anti-Jemmy Test (AS5039 – 2008)
  • Bushfire Standard (AS3959 – 2009)
  • U Value, Solar Heat Gain Co-efficiency and Visible Light Transmission testing

Made from a single perforated stainless steel sheet and available in over 200 traditional colours, Clearshields Security Screens and Windows ticks all the boxesFrom superior strength of stainless steel to the sheer visibility of Clearshield’s patented design, which allows a clear view at all angles as opposed to a thicker perforated aluminium screen. Another advantage of our thinner stainless steel design is the superior airflow it offers by providing a better passage for the air to come through without sacrificing your security. 

ClearShield’s security screen products are made from a single flat sheet of perforated stainless steel that is smooth and sturdy to the touch. This unique security screen design provides homeowners the luxury of stylish good looks combined with peace of mind and security.

Award Winning Security Screen Design

Security Focused – 10x the Australian standard

ClearShield’s patented stainless steel security screen and door design is possibly Australia’s STRONGEST domestic security door. To prove how tough ClearShield’s security screens really are, we entrusted three separate, independent NATA approved testing facilities that specialise in testing Security screens, as well as Cyclonic debris screens, to conduct extensive performance testing on ClearShield and the results were impressive, to say the least.

ClearShield’s advanced security screens ensure a safe and stylish window or door that has been tested and proven to withstand a number of extreme impact and knife attacks. Do not trust substandard home security doors, ClearShield is an industry leader when it comes to screen security doors.

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