Security doors with a superior performance

ClearShield sets the benchmark for superior quality stainless steel security doors

  • Constructed to withstand repetitive impact, including knife attacks
  • Smooth, easy-to-clean mesh surface that doesn’t impact on your view
  • Winner of the Good Design Award and ABA100 Product Innovation Award
  • Featuring a modern, stylish look which seamlessly matches your existing interior or exterior building façade

ClearShield are committed to manufacturing security doors and screens that are built to perform and to last. Thousands of homes and businesses have chosen to rely on our range of security screens and doors across NSW and throughout Australia, and it’s easy to see why. Our innovative, patented perforated stainless steel system is market leading in both development and testing, and exceeds Australian standards in performance and quality.  Not to mention, our security screen mesh doors are modern-looking and feature a stylish frame, complementing your existing home interior or building design. 

ClearShield’s advanced technology for stainless steel security mesh screen doors has taken the conventional security door to another level with both its strength and good looks. Whether you are looking for security sliding doors or stacking stainless steel security doors, we can customise the perfect solution for you. ClearShield stainless steel security doors and screens have a unique design which does not require additional cross bars through the middle of your door to meet the Australian Standard requirements for security doors. 

ClearShield’s stainless steel security doors and screens look superb on any Western Australian home design, providing a wonderful ‘airy’ feeling inside, a contemporary look, along with the peace of mind of being able to open your doors without the fear of being burgled. The beauty behind all of our screens is that you can still see clearly through the security door, knowing who is approaching at all times.  

Unlike woven mesh security doors which can collect dirt and dust in the weave, ClearShield’s home screen doors are made from a single perforated stainless-steel sheet making them smooth and easy to clean. ClearShield’s sleek, smooth security door frames are available in over 200 traditional and contemporary colours to suit your own décor as well as in Woodlook’s wood grain timber finishes.  

ClearShield has been extensively tested beyond the Australian Standards for security doors and screens and has achieved outstanding results each time, making us one of the leading providers for home security doors in Perth and Australia time and time again. In addition to our range of home security doors, ClearShield also offer a wide range of window security screens, perfect for making your entire home a safer place to live. 

Put through rigorous performance testing, our mesh security fly screens and doors are designed to protect against severe weather and extreme physical impact. ClearShield uses a unique perforated stainless-steel sheet that makes up the main component in our security mesh doors and screens. Superior in many ways to any standard security mesh product, the perforated sheet allows for easy and quick cleaning, unlike mesh which has very small, hard to clean cavities trapping dust and dirt.  

Another advantage of the stainless-steel perforated sheet is strength. ClearShield has tested its residential product to withstand a minimum of 5 times the requirements for dynamic impact and knife shear under AS5041 testing criteria. 

Clearshield security sliding doors are the perfect complement to your home. As well as fitting to all modern aluminium glazed sliding door suites, ClearShield’s innovative and flexible security sliding doors can also be installed to garage doors, servery windows and practically any opening that requires a secure and easy to clean solution.  

 Representing peace of mind, ClearShield security sliding doors are tested to withstand significant attack force from people attempting to break into your property to windburn debris during storms and cyclonic events. This level of protection is part of our policy to “overprotect” our customers and their property, and our security sliding doors have been overengineered to provide protection to transient accommodation in the mining sector.  

ClearShield Perforated Stainless Steel Security Screens

The Benefits of Our Premium Security Screen Doors

Security Screen knife testing

Withstand Knife Attacks

The patented stainless steel security mesh screen door endured more than 60 repetitive knife strikes without causing fundamental damage to the screen.

Security Screen Impact testing

Resists Repetitive Impact

Exceeding Australian standards for security doors and security screens, our security screen doors can withstand 50x 100 Joule impacts.

Security Screen Cyclone protection

Withstand Cyclonic Conditions

Our upgraded, commercial grade security doors can withstand cyclonic conditions with 3 levels of performance to protect from cyclones, tornados and hurricanes.

Secure Your Home with Security Doors Today

When it comes to security doors and screens, ClearShield has been protecting Australian homes for over 30 years. The ClearShield stainless steel security screens and doors have been extensively tested beyond the requirements of the Australian Standards and have achieved outstanding results each time. If you’d like to make an enquiry about our security products, contact us today on 02 4296 9911


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