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ClearShield Australia grew from inception as W.A. Security Products in 1990. Brothers George and Jamie Koutsoukos pioneered a new era in the Home Security Industry when they invented and patented the Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet concept.

By the year 2000, ClearShield Australia had lodged Australian and International patents and this saw the company develop foreign markets in the Asia Pacific Region. ClearShield Stainless Steel Security Screens are now available in all states of Australia and some parts of South East Asia.

In 2005, Clearshield NSW obtained the license agreement from G & J Koutsoukos for the state of NSW. Operating out of Warrilla, Clearshield NSW and has expanded over the years and now includes a factory and warehouse.

Winner of multiple design awards, ensuring Superior Performance

ClearShield is the only multi-design award winning security screen system in Australia, with a string of prestigious awards.

Clearshield Stainless Steel Security
Clearshield Cyclonic Debris Shield


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