ClearShield’s patented steel screen security screen door design is possibly Australia’s STRONGEST domestic security door. To prove how tough ClearShield really is, we entrusted three separate, independent NATA approved testing facilities that specialize in testing Security doors and screens, plus Cyclonic debris screens, to conduct extensive performance testing on ClearShield and the results were impressive, to say the least.

Yes, ClearShield has been tested for SHGC ( Solar Heat Gain Co-efficiency ) and is proven to reduce the amount of SHGC by 40% and the U factor is improved by 14% WHEN ClearShield is applied.

ClearShield is made from a single sheet of smooth powder-coated Stainless Steel with tiny round holes punched through it to create a smooth to touch and amazingly clear but VERY strong sheet of protection . Woven screens are made from woven strands of mesh, which are thin strands of metal. Woven mesh can be very hard to clean and has a rough to touch feel much like a cheese grater. ClearShield is proven to have a high level of resistance to knife attack as proven by independent experts when tested to AS4483.

Yes, ClearShield’s patented assembly systems are all insulated. Most clear vision doors in Australia have a stainless steel mesh/screen material and an aluminium surround frame. The mesh is held in the frame using various methods depending on the brand. Insulating requires a membrane or barrier between the Stainless steel mesh/screen and the aluminium frame. When dissimilar metals come into direct contact and there is no insulating barrier between the parts that come in contact, galvanic corrosion can occur. This type of corrosion can create both structural and aesthetic damage to the product.

ClearShield is manufactured from 304 grade 2b Finish Stainless Steel. We choose to use 304 due to it’s superior level of strength. One of the most important features for corrosion resistance is the surface finish. ClearShield uses a high grade 2b finish of stainless steel coupled with our unique pretreatment and powdercoated finish that is highly resistant to corrosion.

Very good. ClearShield undergoes a stringent degreasing , pre-cleaning and special anti-corrosive pre-treatment process that totally treats the surface of the ClearShield screen with a chromium coating prior to the baking of the black finish of powdercoating. Unlike woven mesh that has crevices and overlaps in the weave, ClearShield’s complete surface area of screen is pretreated and coated during the process. The coating warranty is backed by Joton Coatings Australia.

Triple locks will always be a better choice as three locks is better than one. However, with some installation applications triple locking systems cannot be installed. Your experienced ClearShield distributor will be able to advise the best option at the time of consultation. ClearShield Australia has tested both single and triple lock configurations in both hinged and sliding doors and have passed all to the relevant Australian Standards. Feel free to ask your nearest ClearShield manufacturer for a copy of our test reports.


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