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We take the threat of a knife attack very seriously

  • Our products withstood over 20 cycles of the AS4483 test and still did not fail
  • ClearShield was tested well beyond the standard requirements

Knife Attacks

At ClearShield we take the threat of a knife attack very seriously… Australian Standard 5041 requires all class 3 type security door and screen products to pass the AS4483 knife attack test. This test requires our stainless steel security screen to be subjected to repetitive knife attacks without penetration of the mesh or screen greater than 150mm after three slashes of a knife.

We put ClearShield’s security screen doors to the ultimate test and contracted the services of Azuma design Testing Facility NSW (N.A.T.A accredited) to test ClearShield well beyond the standard requirements. The results were impressive to say the least!

ClearShield’s domestic grade security screen withstood over 20 cycles of the AS4483 test and still did not fail.

AS 4483 that forms part of AS5041.

The Knife Shear Test as specified in AS4483 involves a Stanley trimming knife to be dragged along the screen material 3 times along the same line of pass without leaving a penetration longer than 150mm.

ClearShield Stainless Steel Security Screen is used in all ClearShield product

The ClearShield screen material withstood over 60 passes of the knife. This result equates to the screen withstanding over 20 cycles of the KNIFE SHEAR TEST as specified in AS4483.

All ClearShield products have this level of resistance

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When it comes to security doors and screens, ClearShield has been protecting Australian homes for over 30 years. The ClearShield stainless steel security screens and doors have been extensively tested beyond the requirements of the Australian Standards and have achieved outstanding results each time. If you’d like to make an enquiry about our security products, contact us today on 02 4296 9911


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